Mission. Inspiration. Impact.

Team of millennials with a passion for humanizing finance

Our power is mindset, mastery and attitude toward our clients and one other. We are driven by our mission to humanize digital finance. We add soul to financial UX design, and that's how we make an impact.

Core team

Alex has dedicated half of his life to studying human psychology, as well as business success, developing 100+ digital projects and 30+ startups. He spent 10 years researching UX and finance to create UXDA's methodology. Alex is a passionate visionary who's capable of solving any challenge to improve the financial industry.


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Founder/ CEO/ UX Strategist

Linda is a source of endless energy. An education in international business management and years-long experience with 20+ digital startups has made her a dedicated strategic thinker who solves any problem with grace. No mission is impossible for her. Linda's responsibility and punctuality have become a legend around the agency.


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Co-founder/ COO/ CFO

Andrew is our design ninja. His magic touch can make any interface bloom. 15 years in the industry working with 150+ digital design projects provides him with a unique skill to turn delightful experiences into breathtaking designs. He always monitors the newest design trends and is famous for the ones he created himself.



Board Member/ Art Director

Inese embodies a powerful fusion of two passions: finance and UX design. Her experience in trade finance, AML and wealth management provides her with exceptional expertise to always find the best solutions for the users. Her unique talent to find value in every product has resulted in countless success stories for our clients.



Lead UX Architect/ UX Consultant

Santa is the one who helps our clients embark on a journey to UX transformation. She excels with her ability to observe, and deliver efficient solutions to complex challenges. Experience working in a business incubator with multiple digital startups has provided her with in-depth insight and knowledge about business management.



Account Executive/ UX Architect

Dmitry is a maximalist. He will never stop until the best possible design solution is reached for our clients. His 10+-year experience working as a lead designer for several well-known companies, as well as managing his own business, makes him a respected designer who sets the pace, inspires and encourages others to do their best.



Lead UX/UI Designer

Arita bridges the gap between the clients' vision and a financial product that they demand. She's famous for her ability to focus on the user and their business specifics. Her experience with crypto, white-label and retail banking allows her to always find the best UX solution. Everything Arita does comes from the bottom of her heart.



Senior UX Architect/ UX Consultant

Tamara is dedicated to always reaching the best possible result while paying close attention to detail. Her 12-year long experience in banking working with card issuance, acquiring and eCommerce allows her to have a deep understanding of the financial service specifics and provide the best experience for users.



UX Architect/ UX Consultant

Rihards is our creative soul. His passion for art, aesthetics and design, and his inexhaustible hunger for growth allows him to always come up with fresh ideas. Rihards has studied the history of art, 3D concept art, sketching, and painting, allowing him to add a touch of unique artistry to financial services.



UX/UI Designer

Anna's 6 year-long experience in Design and Art theory allows applying fresh and creative ideas that enhance our client's financial products' uniqueness. Her education in Business and Art combined with a passion for architecture and digital design fosters the creative and analytical thinking needed for creating an outstanding user experience.



UX Architect/ UX Consultant

Oksana is one of the most experienced designers on the team. She has developed her own unique signature that astounds everyone who sees her designs. Oksana believes her superpower is to empathize on a deep level. Her driving force is her curiosity to always find a design solution that will speak to the customers on an emotional level.



Senior UX/UI Designer

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UI/UX Designer


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UX Architect


The values we live by

These seven values are the cornerstones of UXDA's philosophy and ideology. They define the way we perceive the world and every single process we encounter. Whatever we do, we have an exceptional ability to improve ourselves and the entire financial industry, empathize with each other, clients and the users, over-deliver on expectations, enjoy what they're doing and inspire others. Proving it is possible to solve any challenge if we are united as one and embrace our power to team up!

Our team achievements

2021 September • Muse Creative Awards 2021 •

UXDA has received gold at the MUSE Creative Awards in the Finance category for UX/UI design concept of "Kids Banking" mobile app.

2021 June • European Design Award 2021 •

The Kids Banking app design by UXDA among European Design Award 2021 finalists

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2021 March • TOP UX Agency by AgencySpotter •

UXDA has been listed as one of the Top User Experience Design Agencies in the latest report by Agency Spotter

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2020 March • IF Design Award • Germany

UXDA Wins the World-Famous IF Design Award

2019 October • Riga COMM • Latvia

UXDA talks about the importance of great usability in financial services at the International Business Technology Conference.

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2019 September • UX workshop • London

UXDA team and Inese Zepa lead a workshop about user-centricity in trade finance.

2019 September • European Business Awards • London

UXDA has been named ‘National Winner’ of the 2019 European Business Awards - one of the world’s largest and longest-running business competitions.

2019 August • Design Thinking & UX workshop • Latvia

UXDA leads a workshop about the importance of UX in creating successful products and services.

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2019 July • Future London Academy • UK

UXDA team takes part in the Design Thinking and Innovation week, visiting some of the world's best design agencies.

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2019 July • Fintech of the year • Latvia

UXDA presents unique work approach at the Fintech of the Year gala event.

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2019 July • German-Baltic Business Awards • Germany

UXDA becomes one of the leading FinTech companies in the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) Awards 2019.

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2019 June • DNA Paris Award • France

UXDA triumphs the category of Graphic Design/UI Design at the DNA Paris Awards.

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2019 May • A'Design Award • Italy

UXDA becomes the Silver winner of the Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Category at the world's largest design competition: A'Design Award.

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2019 April • National Design Award of Latvia • Latvia

The Bank of Jordan mobile app design by UXDA receives Accenture recognition in the category of “The Best Digital Design."

2019 March • International Design Award (IDA) • USA

UXDA becomes a Multimedia/Interface Design Bronze medalist at the California-based International Design Awards (IDA).

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2019 February • Finovate Europe • UK

UXDA presents a demo of the mobile banking app UX/UI design concept Light Bank in front of 2,000 people at one of the largest events in the financial industry.

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2018 December • Financial UX Meetup • Latvia

UXDA team talks about the importance of UX in financial services in the International Financial UX Meetup.

2018 December • Export and Innovation Awards • Latvia

UXDA is recognized as one of the Leading Export Companies in the awards organized by the Investment and Development Agency, the Ministry of Economics and the President of Latvia.

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2018 November • Annual Business Forum • Latvia

UXDA team talks about shifting from marketing to an experience mindset at the Annual Business Forum organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

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2018 November • London Design Award • UK

UXDA receives Gold at the London Design Awards in the Digital-FinTech category for the UX/UI design concept of the Light Bank mobile banking app

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2018 August • Login Conference • Lithuania

UXDA talking about Financial UX Mindset for Success in Digital Age at the largest two-day digital innovation festival in the Baltics - “Login.”

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2018 July • TOP UX Agency by Clutch 2018 • USA

For the third year in a row, UXDA remains one of the world’s 15 leading UX design agencies by B2B research firm Clutch, based in Washington D.C.

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2017 July • TOP UX Agency by Clutch 2017 • USA

For the second year in a row, UXDA remains one of the world’s 15 leading UX design agencies by B2B research firm Clutch, based in Washington D.C.

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2016 December • Banking Technology Awards • London

UXDA becomes the first design agency to win the Banking Technology Award as Best Outsourcing Product/Service.

2016 June • TOP UX Agency by Clutch 2016 • USA

UXDA becomes one of the 15 leading UX design agencies worldwide by B2B research firm Clutch, based in Washington D.C.

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2016 April • European Fintech Awards • Netherlands

UXDA is recognized as the TOP 3 Banking Innovation Provider.

2016 April • Fintech Awards 2016 • Netherlands

UXDA presents Unique Financial Design Methodology at the Fintech Awards in Amsterdam.

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UXDA's Teambuilding, Summer 2021