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Information Architecture UX

What is information architecture UX in banking and Fintech?

Information architecture (IA) can be defined as the science of organizing and structuring different types of content in digital products. UX stands for the user experience design, which is the process of planning and drawing digital interfaces by empathizing with the user’s needs, pains and expectations with an aim to deliver a solution that is pleasant to use.

This all means that the definition of Information Architecture UX  is the process of planning and creating intuitive architecture for digital service that ensures the best possible user experience according to user needs, pains and expectations. Financial service information architecture design should be based on the research of user scenarios, user flows and a user journey map. Deep analysis of users’ inner and outer context allows the prioritization of digital service elements to make it IA intuitive.

Intuitive IA helps the user to easily navigate and find needed content. This could be accomplished by taking the conceptual digital service model as close as possible to the user mental model. The mental model shows how the user expects the service to function and how it is affected by previous user experience, intentions and perception.

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