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UI Design

What is UI design in banking and Fintech?

The definition of UI design is a process of creating a user interface (UI) for digital services by combining a set of different visual elements used to interact with this service to perform user tasks. User interface design in banking is about creating a visual appearance of digital banking products. 

The best UI design does not simply consist of attractive buttons and icons but is more about matching user needs, psychology and behavior. UX design can help with that. The UX architect conducts needed research to prove a hypothesis about how interfaces should work to better serve user expectations and needs. Based on this, the UI designer decides how it should look to ensure the best possible experience and emotions for the user.

This means that to ensure the best UI design solutions in finance, you need a team with dedicated and experienced UX architects and UI designers. Cool UI design is not about using trendy UI elements; it's about taking into account hundreds of factors that can bring success or failure after the product launch.

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