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UX Checklist

What is a UX checklist in banking and Fintech?

A UX checklist consists of a list of requirements to verify user experience (UX) design-related activity that helps to reduce failures, schedule tasks and conform to quality standards. User experience checklists are meant to increase consistency and quality of UX design operations and deliverables.

The following are different types of UX checklists

UX process checklist

Verify that all the steps in UX activity are completed

User experience testing checklist

Inspect the quality of UX deliverables and perform UX design actions

User experience evaluation checklist

Evaluate design process quality and bottlenecks to attain optimization insights

User experience audit checklist

Get data for systematic analysis and improvements

User experience accordance checklist

Verify UX deliverables according to business specifications and user requirements

UX design review checklist

Verify that design complies with UX heuristics

User research checklist

List of requirements to perform user research or tests

The main aim is to ensure that UX design checklists conform to  quality standards of UX deliverables and UX design process regulations. 

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