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Fintech Design

What is Fintech design?

We can define Fintech design as functional and visual characteristics of digital products created by Fintech (financial technology) companies. Some experts believe that Fintech disruption of the financial industry was caused by a user centered approach that allows banks to outcompete traditional banking institutions. 

Simple Fintech design brings a high demand to Fintech mobile banking and other financial tech products due to its empathy for its customers. Creating the banking product through user research, UX engineering and science-based user interface design ensures accordance to user needs and expectations.

Fintech UX/UI design became the source of inspiration for the entire financial industry. The best UX examples of Fintech app design, such as Acorn, Revolut, Mint, Coinbase, Robinhood, TransferWise, Chime, Nubank, N26, Monzo and others, pushed the traditional boundaries of the financial industry by establishing best-practice principles in digital banking design. 

Check out the best articles by Fintech design studio UXDA about the principles and practices of Fintech UI design as well as Fintech app design trends and examples.

Bineo UX Case Study: Designing the First 100% Digital Bank in Mexico

Banorte boldly launched Bineo, Mexico's first all-digital bank, aiming to revolutionize the market and cater to tech-savvy customers. Dive into this case study to learn how UXDA's collaboration with the team at Banorte initiated a new dedicated digital banking journey for Mexicans.

Disruptive Fintech UX Trends in Digital Banking

10 digital Fintech design trends that reveal the approach of disrupting the banking business. Check out your ability to integrate user-centricity at all levels of the company.

UXDA Has Designed Exclusive T-Shirts to Inspire Financial Disruptors

UXDA has a fantastic news for everyone who are passionate about disruption of the financial industry. We have put UXDA philosophy into unique T-Shirt designs. Wearing it at any financial event is a great way to share key beliefs we all together stand for.