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UX Architect

Who is the UX architect in banking and Fintech?

UX stands for “user experience.” The UX architect (or user experience architect) is a highly-skilled professional who uses a UX approach to define strategy, functionality, architecture and array of digital services based on research, testing, and analysis. A UX architect ensures user-centricity of service and delivers service wireframes to the UI designer. The UX architect supervises interface design and development processes.

UX architects are just as important as building architects, because, if the architecture is not done properly, the end result (building or digital product) will be very disappointing and could even be dangerous for visitors. Poor digital product architecture may lead to an increase in development costs, team conflicts, end-user frustration, and even failure on the market.

The best UX architect of financial services should know and practice user-centered design approaches, such as UX, Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) and Service Design, and also possess knowledge and experience in banking, finance, digital technology, human psychology, and marketing. With great analytical skills and empathy, such multidisciplinary UX professionals can architect the best possible financial product that will ensure a delightful user experience.

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