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UX Consultant

Who is the UX consultant in banking and finance industry?

As UX means User Experience,  the definition of UX consultant is a highly skilled and experienced specialist who provides consultation in the field of user experience design. Experts in UX design should have proven track records of managing UX projects and creating high-quality UX deliverables. 

User experience consulting is focused on improving digital products to ensure they fit customers’ needs and expectations. The end result is a well-constructed user interface of a digital financial product, which is why UX design consultants are sometimes called banking technology experts in the area of user interface design.

UXDA is the first UX consultancy and UI design agency focused only on the financial industry. UI/UX consultants at UXDA have served 70+ financial institutions in 36 countries using award-winning financial UX design methodology that was created over a 15-year period. Our UX consultants’ hourly rate is USD 200. UXDA’s UI/UX experts possess the skills, knowledge and years of experience in banking, digital technology, user psychology, marketing, business management, user research, user behavior and testing required for successful UX consultancy.

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Boosting The UXDA Team's Power

We truly believe that great results are made when you love your job and work side by side with likeminded people. I'm really proud that we can call UXDA team our second family.