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Ways we can cooperate


Prototype for investors

Budget: ~ €45K

Term: 1-2 months

Screens: up to 20


Minimum lovable product (MLP)

Budget: ~ €120K

Term: 3-6 months

Screens: up to 100


Complete visual concept

Budget: €120K - €350K

Term: 6-12 months

Screens: up to 500


Long term partnership

Budget: ~ €25K/monthly

Term: ∞

Screens: up to 100/month average


We charge for actual time spent based on hourly rates, aka time and materials (T&M). The average project cost per hour is about 120.00€/$140.00.



UX Strategist

The creator of Financial UX Methodology with decades-long knowledge and expertise in business, UX and finance. Supervises every project to discover and maximize the product value and find the ultimate way to deliver it to the users.

150 €

185 $

Art Director

A design master who uses his sparkling creativity, refined taste, passion for details and advanced design skills to create a visual identity for your product. Providing a lively look and feel of the actual product even before it's launched.

150 €

185 $

UX Architect / UX Consultant

An experienced UX professional with in-depth financial background and knowledge who builds your product from the ground up. This person is dedicated to exploring the user’s needs, wants and struggles to engineer a product that will delight your users.

110 €

135 $

UI Designer / Motion Designer

A professional who communicates best in visual language and create emotional design. This person perfects the product visual identity defined by the Art Director, crafting a design for all the needed screens, based on the engineering by the UX Architect.

110 €

135 $


The UXDA innovation lab is agile friendly, so you won't become the hostage of a fixed contract or risk facing delays due to lengthy contract reviews if changes to the project or UX design process are required.


Your payments are time- and materials-based and directly related to the UI/UX services delivered by our user experience agency, instead of overall hypothetical calculations which, in our experience, are rarely accurate.


Your invoices will be based on regular reports of what we have achieved in the previous period, with a clear explanation of time and UX design tasks. The UXDA design studio uses a fair price policy with no hidden fees or surcharges.

Why clients choose us

7 key benefits defined by our customers’ experiences working with UXDA

Saving time

UXDA worked very fast and the quality and the consistency of the deliverables was great. We enjoyed that the project manager had a good understanding of the digital finance and banking services. She was defending certain UX/UI choices, not just blindly following all our requests. When we have large projects like this in the future, we will always consider UXDA based on our current positive experience.

Lean budgeting

A flexible work process and affordable price policy from UXDA allowed us to split our workflow into milestones. This way we were able to conserve our budget by creating a staged approach in which we started with only a few time- and project-critical activities. For the first milestone, we developed a solid product vision and MVP prototype. Using those in a presentation for investors, we succeeded in obtaining full funding to proceed with the remaining phases of product development.

Burdens relieved

Previously, communicating design and product information from an agency designer to developers required information to be passed through multiple project representatives before reaching the developer… a bit like the childhood game of “telephone.” But working with UXDA was a refreshing change. They were ready to deliver the product vision and all information and assets directly to our development team, then worked with the team instead of just handing off information or deliverables.

Driving innovation

As the UXDA team specializes in UX design of financial services, they shared their outstanding experience and best practice solutions. That allowed them to not only very quickly understand our service model, but also suggest important innovations to add value to our business. Access to UXDA’s insights and trending solutions actually saved our product from being outdated before launch.

A source of inspiration

We are a large financial institution, with traditional corporate culture and values. Unfortunately, this had prevented our team from reshaping our products into user-centered ones. Continuous attempts were made, but each failed. We searched for a firm that could help us with customer-centered design thinking. UXDA helped our development team to step out of the box and create a modern and innovative financial service that are customers are very thankful for.

Clarifying product vision

I have to admit that by focusing only on development we missed a range of significant things in our product. Thanks to UXDA we took a look at our service through users’ eyes and realized the need for change before it was too late. Starting from researching the users, understanding their needs and defining the product value, and finishing with a state-of-the-art design, UXDA provided us with invaluable insights and a product we would have never been able to bring to the market on our own.

Keeping momentum

Progress never stops. The first version of the product was not finished yet, but the UXDA team had already begun work on visualization of the next version. This allowed our marketing, sales team and developers to prepare well in advance for transition to the next milestones and product feature evolution.

Safety guarantee

We appreciate really highly that UXDA has a solid safety guarantee. As people who work in the financial industry where security is everything, it meant a lot to us that we could really trust them with our strategic data. All sensitive information about our project was kept on secure devices under strict access control. They also provided legal guarantees for our data safety, covered by a confidentiality agreement and 500K insurance. Their attitude and work ethics really differentiate the UXDA team from other agencies!