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UX strategy / research / architecture / UI design implemented for 150+ financial products:

  • Retail banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Conversational banking
  • Core banking
  • Challenger banks
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Wealth management
  • Trade finance
  • FX Trading
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Personal finance (PFM)
  • ATM solutions

Introducing First AI-Powered Spatial Banking Design Concept

Groundbreaking spatial banking UX design explores how Vision Pro can move banking to a fundamentally new level of user experience with the help of AI.


Jim Marous, Top Banking Influencer & Global Speaker

UXDA understands the inner workings of the financial services industry. They are a fantastic agency that “gets it.” The UXDA team is bringing user design to the forefront of the digital transformation of an entire industry.

Disrupting the Payments Industry in Mauritius

Financial Super app that brings feature-rich lifestyle services to Mauritians. Our challenge was to find an engaging solution providing a seamless user journey through the various products.


Adrian Tripp, CEO at European Business Award

UXDA is an outstanding leader in their field. They show great innovation, ethics, success and are one of the best businesses in Europe.

Adapting a Hedge Fund Experience to an Elite Lifestyle

The raw power of the investment market tamed by deep knowledge and turned into a transparent place for sophisticated investors. Gateway to an elite group with access to superior investment expertise.

Gershie Vann, Founder and CEO at Magma Capital Funds

I was truly impressed with how well they did on their first attempt to create a user flow for Magma. We are thrilled to have a beautifully branded and easy-to-use concept from UXDA.

Transforming a Core Banking Provider Into an Innovation Leader

We transformed this banking back office into an intuitive and inspiring solution. The product's learning curve was reduced from months to hours and users' satisfaction skyrocketed as a result.


Hector Ojeda, Digital Innovation Manager at ITTI

Working with UXDA was a perfect experience. They helped to shape our mentality. We stopped focusing only on the functionality and started seeing the problem from the user's perspective, understanding their pain points and feelings.


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Private Wealth Systems aimed to revolutionize wealth management by delivering a user-friendly and visually stunning solution that meets the luxurious needs of multi-millionaires. Delve deeper to understand how UXDA partnered with Private Wealth Systems to facilitate a fundamental shift in wealth management.

Customers' Frustration: The Hidden Cost of Tech-Driven Banking Innovations

Modern banking executives must innovate effectively in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. While drawn to AI, blockchain, cloud infrastructure, and open banking APIs, they often overlook user experience (UX). This article explores how a user-driven approach to innovation can ensure financial brands' survival and success in the digital age.

Apple's On-Device AI Takes on Cloud AI: Who Will Revolutionize Personalized Banking UX?

Integrating AI into banking services will obviously revolutionize the user experience in financial services, offering real-time advice and 24/7 transaction monitoring. The main question is which AI will serve banking first ─ on-device AI or cloud-based AI? Let’s compare!

Next-Gen Finance Revolution: Why Digital Excellence Can’t Wait

This article delves into the tension between the urgent need for next-gen, customer-centered financial products and the significant hurdles financial brands must overcome to deliver them and achieve digital excellence.

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